Sara Lack

Sara Lack, BA (Hons)



  • 16 years of digital agency experience
  • Born in Portugal and studied in the US before moving to the UK in 2004
  • Sara has worked on pretty much every aspect of digital marketing, from PPC, SEO, Display and Social Media Marketing to website and app build
  • Google Adwords Certified

I am obsessed with the process of delivery. Getting involved on a project from the beginning and really understanding the problems our clients face and work with them to uncover what would make their lives easier is something that brings me great joy.

Sara Lack



Advocating for our clients

My background is purely digital. I started as an account exec for a digital agency in Bournemouth, growing into Account Manager, Account Director roles. More recently, I worked at Flipside, a global digital agency within the Weber Shandwick Collective, as a Senior Project Manager.

At Ronins, I’m responsible for the relationship with our clients and the delivery of the work. This is quite a unique role as we usually tend to see one person in the role of client services and someone else in the role of delivery.

Having both hats on allow me to take a much more holistic approach to our work because I have been there from the beginning, understand the business problems and any potential internal issues our clients might face and I then have direct access to the creative and development team and I can advocate for our clients and discuss best solutions without any middlemen.

I am passionate about giving our clients the very best value, with no agenda. I value the independent thinking that comes from joining Ronins, and not having to use a platform or suggest certain solutions just because it’s convenient rather than right for our clients.

Following the process from conception all the way to delivery and managing the various teams like a game of chess just combines all my skills really nicely.

Sara Lack

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