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We’re brand identity designers based in London and Guildford in Surrey who inject heart, meaning and purpose into your brand story. Through smart strategy and thoughtful design, we create magnetic brand experiences that attract and engage your customers. We dive deep to understand your core values and vision, then translate them into visual branding that resonates emotionally and ignites action.

The result is a distinctive, memorable identity that unites and excites your audience, driving real growth and longevity.


Build enduring connections with your customers

We provide businesses, charities and organisations with brand identities that are unique, memorable, and designed to connect with your audience. We ensure that you brand is fit for the fast-moving digital world and your future ambitions – optimised for engagement across websites, mobile apps, voice assistants and emerging interaction channels.

We partner closely with our clients to translate their vision into a visually compelling and consistent brand presence that sets them apart from their competitors. Whether you are looking to launch a new brand or enhance an existing one, our team is dedicated to guiding and supporting you through the process and driving long-term success.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Art Direction
  • Naming
  • Content Design
  • Tone of Voice
  • Design Systems
  • Brand Guidelines
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Brand agency Surrey - Ronins team

Brand identity case studies


Helping Pure Hydration make a splash in the consumer market

Based near Guildford in Surrey, Pure Hydration are specialists in water purification solutions. With a need to set themselves apart in a competitive market while connecting more deeply with new audiences, Pure tasked Ronins with a brand refresh that would appeal to gym-goers, relief-aid workers and gap-year travellers alike.
Pure Hydration
ETA Green Power new branding by Surrey brand identity agency, Ronins


Leading cultural change through the circular economy

Rumage required a bold and confident brand identity that reflected their vision to change the way society thinks about buying second-hand. Their platform saves buyers the hassle by helping them find their perfect pre-owned pick, by consolidating them into a single destination – saving time, money and importantly, saving the planet.
Rumage Brand Identity
Ronins branding agency Surrey delivering a new brand design for Rumage


Large scale crypto currency meets global property investment

Globium is the world’s first crypto property exchange. Having developed their name and product, they required an experienced brand agency to develop their brand strategy and craft their brand identity prior marketplace launch. We created new branding with a visual identity that conveyed their mature, forward-thinking approach to property wealth.
New Globium branding designed by Ronins, a brand identity agency Surrey


Your brand identity questions answered

We provide a wide range of branding services, including research, brand strategy, brand architecture, brand identity design, brand guidelines, implementation and much more.

Our brand strategy consultants work closely along side you throughout the entire process up to and after launch. We have experience across many sectors. If you’re looking for a luxury branding agency in the UK – we are well placed to help.

Ronins was founded to provide an unrelenting focus on quality and we aspire to be the best branding agency in London and Surrey.

We design brands that our clients feel confident and proud to promote. As a top branding and design agency in London and Guildford, Surrey, we know that brand identity design is more than simply a logo – it’s a promise of who you are, what you do and why you do it. A well-executed brand strategy helps establish an emotional connection with the target audience, build trust and credibility. Speaking with a single, unique voice that is clear and consistent across all touchpoints is our top priority.

At Ronins, empathy is our agency superpower. We take the time to fully grasp who you are, what you have to offer, and who your target market is in order to define challenges and create beautifully effective strategies and design solutions. We build brands that resonate across all types of offline and online channels with the appropriate tone of voice and visual impact.

Our process typically involves brand strategy, research, logo design, visual identity, brand guidelines, and application across touchpoints. As part of the brand strategy process, we can help define your mission and vision statements, your values, core messaging frameworks and straplines. We dive deep to understand your brand before crafting a resonant creative platform.

Looking to start a successful partnership? If you need to create a new brand, or want to refresh, enhance or evolve an existing identity, give us a call on 01483 399182 or complete the form. We’ll get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation to learn more about you and your brand story.

Yes, we have a wealth of experience as a branding agency for startups.

Startups need strong branding to stand out in a crowded marketplace. As startup brand agency, we can help new companies define their identity and values.

We get to know the startup’s mission, target customers, and long-term goals. Then we design logos, color palettes, fonts, and other visual assets that reflect their brand. We also help with naming, taglines, messaging, and tone of voice.

For new ventures on a budget, we deliver startup branding packages with logos, stationery, style guides, and website themes. As companies grow, we can expand the branding to campaigns, social media, packaging, and beyond.

Our branding gives startups a consistent, distinct and memorable look and voice so they appear credible and established. With strategic branding services, we enable startups to quickly build awareness and trust with potential customers.

Through workshops, surveys, and auditing your current brand, we uncover your core values, vision, personality and goals to shape an authentic brand narrative.

As a digital branding agency, typical deliverables include logo, typography, color palette, imagery guidelines, digital brand guidelines, tone of voice, naming, messaging framework, and branded templates for items like business cards and presentations.

The best branding agencies in the UK know that connecting emotionally secures mindshare, trust, and loyalty. Emotional connections are hard for competitors to copy. The emotional response a brand elicits can set it apart and give it a an edge over rational benefits alone. Our design process focuses on evoking the feelings that turn audiences into passionate customers.

As a specialist branding agency in London and Guildford in Surrey, we track metrics like brand awareness, conversion rates, growth in customers, social engagement and loyalty. Strong branding drives tangible business results.

The timeline varies depending on the complexity of the project, but a typical brand identity design project may take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to complete. It all starts with a chat. Get in touch to arrange a free brand workshop and we can explore how best to help define and shape your brand story.

With comprehensive digital branding services, we empower brands to thrive in the modern marketplace. As a creative digital branding agency, we help companies build recognisable, consistent brand identities across every online touchpoint.

We craft cohesive digital experiences that align with our clients’ core brand messaging. From aesthetics to tone, we ensure their branding remains strong across websites, mobile apps, social platforms, digital ads, and other digital properties.

Every brand challenge can inspire exceptional solutions

The Ronins team brings years of experience designing immersive brand identities with imagination and strategic insight.

We know businesses face diverse challenges – from standing out in a competitive market to reinventing a dated brand identity. But together, we can uncover bold, tailored solutions with transformative potential. We’re ready to help you overcome obstacles and achieve branding success that drives meaningful results.

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Incredibly intelligent and imaginative professionals, their grasp of what we wanted to achieve was extraordinary from the initial consultation and through every stage of the detailed process thereafter.

Dee Coombs

Their ability to look at our strategy, culture and brand promise coupled with the market is top-notch; they visually articulate messages brilliantly but add creative and marketing value at every step of delivery – thinking about integration across all comms and what we will need for activation going forward

Paula Lain

We help brands grow, shift and evolve with clarity, vitality and relevance

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