Rumage helps people find the best second-hand items by bringing in results from all second-hand markets in one place. Their digital platform offers a simple search solution that saves buyers the hassle of trawling through many different websites to find their perfect pre-owned pick.

To establish themselves in the marketplace, Rumage needed a modern, bold and confident brand identity that reflected their vision of changing shopping habits for a better future.

We were tasked with positioning the brand as a leading platform for those who seek to make ethical, informed, and savvy purchasing decisions.


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Rumage Branding

A contemporary visual identity

In our competitor analysis research, we encountered a broad spectrum of styles among competitors, each embracing strong colours closely associated with their brand identities. This diversity presented a significant challenge in carving out a unique identity for this challenger brand.

The market was saturated with brands that had already established strong visual and emotional connections with their audiences through their distinct colour palettes and design elements. Recognising the complexity of distinguishing Rumage in such a vibrant marketplace, we delved deeper into understanding the nuances that made each competitor stand out.

This meticulous analysis led us to identify subtle gaps and opportunities for differentiation. Instead of competing on the same grounds of colour vibrancy and design complexity, we explored alternative avenues such as leveraging unique typography, innovative graphic elements, and a nuanced approach to our colour scheme that resonated with their brand values while standing apart from the intense color identities of our competitors.

By focusing on these aspects, we crafted a visual identity that not only set Rumage apart in a crowded market but also forged a strong, memorable connection with their target audience.

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Rumage Tone of Voice

A refreshing verbal identity

We faced the unique challenge of appealing to a diverse audience that values both economic savings and environmental responsibility. To address this, we crafted a tone of voice that encapsulates the brand’s ethos, resulting in engaging and memorable copywriting that resonates with our target demographics. Carefully chosen words and phrases form the backbone of our brand’s communication strategy, effectively engaging our audience by aligning with their values of sustainability, thriftiness, and smart consumerism.

The strapline “Why buy new?” serves as the cornerstone of their messaging, challenging the status quo and prompting consumers to reconsider their purchasing habits. It’s a call to action that encapsulates the essence of the brand—encouraging more sustainable consumption while also providing a financially attractive alternative to buying new.

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