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Elevate Your UI/UX Design: Expert Insights and Best Practices

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Explore key principles and best practices for crafting exceptional user interfaces. This UI design hub offers practical resources to help you create intuitive, responsive designs that balance aesthetics, usability, and functionality.

3 main types of UI design

Graphical user interface

A GUI allows users to interact with a device through graphical icons. Typically, interactions are facilitated through a mouse, trackpad, or some other point-and-click tool. Your laptop’s desktop or home screen is an example of a GUI.

choosing a web app if mobile functionality isn't required

Voice user interface

Words and syntax play the most crucial role in voice user interfaces. VUI uses speech recognition to understand voice commands. Notable examples of VUI include iPhone’s Siri, Google Home’s “hey google” feature, and Amazon’s Alexa.

Menu-driven interface

Menu-driven interfaces provide users with command options via a list or a menu. These commands can present themselves in full-screen or as a pop-up or drop-down. Examples of menu-driven interfaces include ATMs and digital parking meters.

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