Two Chics is a boutique content creation agency with a focus on TikTok content creation and professional videography. They’re a fully Gen-Z run company specialising in marketing for a Gen-Z audience.


TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world due to its focus on short-form videos and music. In 2020, the app had 656 million active users. By 2022, that number had grown to 1.4 billion active users – a growth rate of 100%. The app’s growth is testament to its appeal, and it’s now the most popular social app among Gen Z users.

With the potential to reach a large audience, engage users, and go viral, TikTok has become a valuable platform for brands that want to reach a new audience and promote their products or services. They’re actively searching for digital content creation companies with a wealth of experience.

Two Chics are a fledgling London-based video content agency that are answering the call from brands – from Chelsea Life Jacket to Proviz – looking for content creators. To do so, they needed a more substantial web presence to strengthen credibility of their strategy, team and specialist expertise.

They tasked us with creating a refreshed web design with a fun, cartoon vibe that showcased their work, and encouraged like-minded content creators to reach out and join their network.

two chics logo and character designs
two chics website design before and after


Working with the company name, we set about creating a memorable brand identity with a fun, creative vibe that’s centred around chick characters that represented each of the founding members. We created a visually striking design that harmonised with the dynamic nature of short-form video content.

Combining vibrant colours, sleek animations and eye-catching imagery, we crafted an interface that immediately captures visitors’ attention and conveys the agency’s creativity and expertise.

content creation agency web design


The new site is packed with colour, bold typography and animation, bringing the brand to life – hero sections make use of subtle parallax motion that respond to mouse position, while video carousels create a sense of energy.

We strategically placed compelling calls to action throughout the site to encourage visitors to connect, schedule consultations, and explore partnership opportunities.

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two chics content creation agency web design elements


Understanding the importance of seamless navigation, we implemented an intuitive user interface that facilitated effortless exploration of the website’s various sections. Smooth page transitions create a single, seamless experience, making it feel like you’re flowing through a narrative rather than navigating to individual pages.

Each page is anchored by a branded footer with consistent calls-to-action, encouraging potential clients and fellow content creators to get in touch.

two chics mobile web design


Thoughtfully designed to showcase the power of short-form vertical video, we’ve taken their website presence to the next level with a colourful and dynamic experience. The implementation of the new website design has yielded exceptional results for our client.

The visually captivating design and strategic SEO optimisation significantly improved the agency’s online visibility, attracting a wider audience and increasing brand exposure within the industry. The immersive nature of the site encouraged visitors to spend more time exploring the agency’s portfolio.

By effectively integrating captivating visuals, seamless user experience, and persuasive calls to action, the website has truly elevated the content creation agency London’s brand presence.

Visit the site at two-chics.com

We’re absolutely stoked with the design and vibe of our new site. It’s been a very pleasant experience working with you all and helping us capture our TwoChics vibe into a beautiful site! I wanted to particularly thank you for organising everything, dealing with all of our requests and ensuring this was a smooth experience.


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