Ronins has partnered with Globium – a global property investment company unlocking hassle-free real estate investment. With a mission to transform real estate, Globium provides investors with access to a property portfolio that can be purchased and managed using existing approved crypto assets, their own $GlobiumCoin or traditional currency. Our branding team created a new identity to launch them confidently in the marketplace.


How do you establish a brand that will bring in a new era of financial freedom while offering the trust, security and accessibility of a modern financial institution?

Ronins worked alongside the Globium team to build a new brand identity to address this challenge – setting the stage with logos, typeface, iconography, colour palette, layouts and motion to form the solid but flexible foundations of brand guidelines that can evolve as they grow.

Our approach to the brand identity sought to find a balance between the trusted characteristics of the financial industry and the need for more humanity and accessibility.

property developer branding concepts of mobile web design
logo design for property developer Globium
brand identity design for GlobiumX
brand guidelines for property developer Globium


From the output of a series of discovery workshops that explored the competitive landscape, defined Globium’s value proposition and identified key audiences, we were able to explore visual routes that reflected the confident, modern and trustworthy personality of the brand to help achieve brand loyalty with their customers. Once these were refined, the branding team established a set of brand guidelines incorporating rules around logo use, colour palette, image styles, typography and iconography to enable Globium to apply the brand in a visually consistent way.

Ronins branding design agency concepts
iconography for property developer branding client Globium
branding agency guildford surrey
image of apartments in branding for property developer globium
graphical communication assets for property developer branding client Globium
ad concept for Globium by branding agency Ronins

It is a real pleasure working with Ronins. Their approach to any project is innovative and refreshing, and they always deliver first-class results. The results that have been achieved have elevated the perception of Globium to the next level.


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