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Tim Drake


Business Strategy • Marketing Strategy • Creative Technology • Emerging Digital Channels


Founded and grew a creative agency from a modest Prince’s Trust loan in the mid-90s to become a global force in the digital agency world that was sold to IPG in 2021.


I am an agency leader and board executive, having spent some 30 years at the forefront of creative technology and emerging digital channels. I’ve delivered memorable experiences spanning offline, digital, mobile, and social for some of the world’s leading brands.

As the founder of Flipside I created a powerful global force in the digital agency world; and took pride in delivering forward-thinking projects and programs for clients through technology development and smart digital communications strategies.

Flipside was started in the mid-1990s with a modest loan from the Prince’s Trust, and in 2016 I sold the business to Interpublic Group. After a long earn-out, which concluded at the end of 2021, I’m proud to say the deal has been a phenomenal success for both parties. Flipside continues to thrive, led by some fantastic management.

Now working with the wonderful folk at Ronins Group.

As an entrepreneur, strategist, creative, and omnichannel marketer, I've established a reputation for pragmatic counsel and an integrated approach to effective project and campaign delivery across pretty much every sector.

Tim Drake

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