Successfully Launching a Mobile App: PM Insights

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Planning and launching a mobile app is, sometimes, a daunting and critical moment for most businesses. The investment, in both time and money is considerable so ensuring a smooth and impactful app launch is vital. In this article, we will explore valuable tips and strategies to guide you through the process, from setting clear goals to post-launch iteration.

launching a mobile app

Clear Goals and Objectives: It always starts with a vision that can be turned into clearly defined goals and objectives. Taking the time to identify what you need to achieve and ensure they are SMART objectives kicks off the project in the best possible way. Clear goals provide a roadmap for the project and help align efforts towards a common vision.

Robust Project Plan: A detailed project plan is vital for mobile app success. It breaks down the process, assigns tasks, and sets realistic timelines, ensuring efficient resource allocation and keeping everyone on track.

Explore different development options: Exploring various development options allows you to choose the most suitable approach. There are a few options, each with its own pros and cons, from native, hybrid, to cross-platform development.

Cross-Functional Development Team: You will need a team of multi-talented individuals to ensure project success: design, development, quality assurance, and project management are all crucial for navigating the complexities of app development. Collaboration and effective communication among team members drive seamless execution and enable successful problem-solving.

Agile Methodology: An Agile methodology is the most effective approach to mobile app development. It promotes development cadence, allows for frequent feedback and adjustment every step of the way.

Plan for App Store Optimisation (ASO): This one is often overlooked or left to the last minute but don’t underestimate the importance of App Store Optimisation (ASO) in driving app visibility and downloads. Generally speaking, the same rules apply: keyword research, optimized app description, visually appealing assets to attract potential users.

Develop a Pre-Launch Marketing Strategy: Whilst the app is being built, you can start focusing on a strong pre-launch marketing strategy. The app marketplace is highly competitive, but you can leverage social media, content marketing, influencer partnerships, and other marketing channels to create awareness and build an audience.

Monitor, Analyse, and Iterate: Once your app goes live, the work does not stop. The first few months are crucial to ensure the mobile app works correctly and to the user standards. You can gather feedback, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and analyse app usage data. Identify areas for improvement and plan accordingly.

There you have it – hopefully these project management insights will help you begin your journey in mobile app development and help navigate challenges, deliver a high-quality app, and achieve your desired outcomes. And if you are ready to have a chat about your business or mobile app idea, our Mobile App development team in London is always happy to help, or for a more structured discussion check out our Digital Transformation clinics.



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