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Inside Client Services: 5 valuable lessons

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5 Golden Rules in Client Services

My name is Sara Lack, and I’m the Client Services Director at Ronins.  I have 16 years of experience in digital marketing, and I am lucky to have worked across most digital areas, from web and app build, email marketing, online/offline campaigns, PPC & SEO, to name a few!

I am proud to be a part of the creation of Ronins, a cutting-edge digital marketing agency that places customer satisfaction at the forefront of all we do. I believe our commitment to providing user-centric web solutions and delivering exceptional results sets us apart from the rest.

As part of this new adventure as a business owner, I am keen to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way in the hope that it will help new and aspiring digital marketers pursue their careers and achieve their goals.

My first article focuses on some lessons I have learnt throughout my career and the overarching ‘rules’ by which I conduct business and nurture my client relationships. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments.

Our client’s success is our success

Our success as an agency is directly tied to our clients, which is why I see our team as an extension of our client’s team. Often, our clients deal with significant pressures inside their organisations and don’t have a huge support network that truly has their back. Understanding that our client’s reputation is often on the line and striving to make them look good in front of their peers and superiors goes a long way in creating a solid business relationship.

The power of silence and the value of saying “no”

As someone who works in client services, there’s a natural inclination to want to please clients and meet their every request. However, I’ve realised that clients hire us as experts in our field (and not to stroke their egos). Sometimes, saying “no” and explaining the reasoning can strengthen the relationship and lead to better results.

Silence can, equally, be more potent than words. This is particularly true regarding sales, delivering less-than-ideal news, or discussing scope creep. Instead of needing to fill the silence, try waiting for the other person to speak. It shows confidence and can lead to better communication.

You are only as good as your word

In client services, your word is everything. That’s why I take sticking to deadlines and being true to my word very seriously. This builds trust and a strong foundation for a lasting relationship. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to this one as it’s usually easy to justify a delay, and once you start slipping on those deadlines and the list of excuses/reasoning grows in your head, it is much harder to break the habit.

The key to succeeding in this area, and I can’t stress this enough, is to be kind to yourself and not set unrealistic deadlines for no reason- this requires planning, discipline and open communication between you and your team.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you must have all the answers. However, this is far from the truth. No one knows everything, and it’s okay to ask for help. Whether it’s from a colleague, a mentor, or even the client themselves, asking for help shows that you are willing to learn and improve and value the relationship with your client.

Always be learning

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and as client services professionals, we must stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Attend conferences, read industry publications, and seek opportunities to learn and grow. Doing so can provide even more value to your clients and stay ahead of the competition.

I hope you found this article helpful and can practice some of my advice. Remember that building strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients means prioritising transparency, communication and empathy. Our success is directly tied to theirs, so let’s work together to deliver outstanding results.


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