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Do you need a mobile app?

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Now that mobile apps are an integral part of online marketing, there are thousands of developers out there creating them. Sifting through, finding and installing the best apps for your needs can be an onerous task.

While it may be hard to know if an app is the right choice for you, if you don’t have time to install them yourself, or you don’t know how best to judge the ones you’ve selected, this is the article for you.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

Understanding your customer’s needs is vital to the success of your mobile app. Placing users at the heart of every stage of the design process is a powerful way of discovering what works, what doesn’t and why.

When creating our own mobile apps we, as techies, made a conscious effort to park thinking about the technical details, and instead put ourselves in our customer’s shoes to focus on designing better, more usable and accessible solutions for them.

Understand your competition

It’s important to understand the competition you’re up against. It’s not enough for your app to simply be better designed or more convenient or cheaper/faster/cooler. Your competitors know that. They may have been at this game longer than you have, and have exactly the same data about what users buy and how they buy.

You need to know if your app provides the things people want most. Use reviews and research of competitor apps to find out where their users are getting stuck, and to see if there are missing features that could give your app an edge.

Choose an appropriate app development service for your business

If you’re not sure what kind of app you want, the safest way to start is to hire a mobile app development company that specialises in apps for business. Their expertise in how businesses use mobile apps will enable them to provide great ideas for that can improve your business.

Make sure that the people who will be developing your app are qualified — if you’re not familiar with software development, then consider hiring a mobile app development company that has a proven track record.

At Ronins, we have been developing mobile apps since 2012 for brands large and small. We’re happy to start a conversation, offer specialist advice and help you shape your mobile app project without commitment.


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