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What Are The Main Differences between Native mobile Apps and Hybrid Mobile Apps?

There are two major approaches to building mobile apps: Native app development and hybrid app development. Let’s examine the differences between native and hybrid app development to help you make an informed decision on which approach is best for your business.

What is native app development?

A native app is a piece of software, which is developed for a specific platform. In other words, it is written in the language and follows the guidelines of a certain operating system. Native apps are best for users who prefer the unique look and feel of an app dedicated to a particular OS.

What is hybrid mobile app development?

Hybrid mobile apps are the best of native and web apps. They are built on your device, like native apps, but they can be easily accessed from any device, like web apps. They are fast, secure and easy to use. Hybrid Apps are basically web pages that can be added to the home screen of Smartphones and Tablets.

They work on all devices with Android or IOS operating systems. The user interface of Hybrid App is more responsive than Web App and also easy to modify. Hybrid Apps allow you to create interactive content for your users. The hybrid app uses the main attributes of Native Apps for UI design and performance but works like a Web App.

Takeaway: There are some trade-offs when deciding to go with a web-based or native mobile app

Mobile App Development Cost Estimation

If your budget is below £100k, then you can develop a hybrid mobile app. If the budget is between £100k and £250k, then you can create either a hybrid or native mobile app. However, it’s not easy to determine the total cost of developing an app. The prices depend on several factors like the complexity of features, the total number of features, design, development, deployment, maintenance and more.

Takeaway: Always ensure your mobile app brief is as complete as possible. At Ronins we take pride in assisting our clients to complete their mobile app briefs without any commitment,

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