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Our client is a global leader in cell-free DNA (cfDNA) testing that has been offering genetic testing for more than 10 years. The company offers proprietary testing services to physicians, researchers, and clinicians in women’s health, transplant and cancer, and genetic laboratories through its cloud-based software platform. With more than 1300 employees in 90 countries, the company has already performed millions of cfDNA tests.


Too few genetics professionals exist to meet the increased demand for genetic information that has accompanied the expanding availability of genetic tests.

Millions of people take genetic tests every year, and the number is rapidly growing. Sometimes patients have to wait days or even weeks after receiving their test results to talk to a genetic counselor. Healthcare companies and providers are struggling to meet patients’ needs for genetic information. Once patients have begun a genetic testing journey, they want access to genetic testing results as quickly as possible. Undergoing genetic testing can be confusing or even frightening for some patients. Moreover, the test results are often very complicated. Patients struggle to understand the results on their own, and they need an explanation from a genetic counselor or other trusted source. A critical need exists to expand the ways patients can get information from easy to access and reliable sources.

This need is why our client contacted us – to help them address their patient growth by providing high-quality genetic information to more patients in a scalable way.


Natera, Inc. decided to develop a healthcare chatbot that will assist the company in delivering genetic education. The chatbot would guide and educate patients about genetic testing and help patients get reliable information faster and more conveniently. In addition, it will give the company a competitive advantage in the Healthcare market, which is vital for businesses today.

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    natura chat bot


    Genetic Testing Chatbot for Natera Inc.