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The team at The Rocketer would spend many hours in collating and preparing their weekly and monthly activity reports for each of their paid media clients,   The existing was process was very inefficient as data had to be collected manually from each of the channels before it could be entered into a report.

In sitting alongside their team for 2 weeks we identified areas that could be fully automated into a client-facing software as a service platform.  The main channels were:-

  • Google Search
  • Facebook

Each of the channels is integrated into the new platform through their APIs with performance data cached locally for reporting purposes.

The agency owners loved the idea and could immediately see how this could not only save internal time but would also provide the clients an added value software tool that enhances their offering amongst their peers.

The platform front-end is written in React using off the shelf and open-source charting tools we were about to deliver the project inside 4 months,

This is only the beginning as we have taken an MVP approach with new features and a mobile app in the pipeline to come.

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