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Based in Hong Kong, HiSumo is an SMS chatbot developed specifically for Shopify that works around the clock to alert your customers about updates in their order, answer questions, and even broadcast customized news for marketing purposes.

HiSumo saves time and money while putting shop owners back in the driver’s seat of their business.


Running an e-commerce store can be a demanding job even at the best of times—and staying on top of any questions customers have can be one of the most time-consuming tasks. Online store owners also need to know if customers were satisfied with their goods and if they were shipped successfully.

Traditionally, to determine this, store workers had to either call or email, which was time-consuming, and potentially annoying to customers. Even though everyone understands the importance of client’s feedback since this helps to understand your customer, understand your product, do up-selling, build your marketing and so much more. That’s why things had to be changed.


To solve problems of tracking user satisfaction and the product shipment status we created an SMS chatbot for Shopify – providing an unrivalled experience that helps shop owners keep in touch with their clients.

HiSumo takes care of customers’ questions and concerns with high efficiency – saving time, effort and cost.

HiSumo Chatbot Shopify

HiSumo chatbot

HiSumo describes their product as a babysitter. It assists buyers once they have made payment. It will ask them for permission to follow up on the order from the very beginning. If they need to change the shipping address or upgrade to express shipping, HiSumo will step in and help them out. It will also allows customers to:
– Confirm shipping address
– Change size or color
– Cancel order
– Upgrade to express shipping
– Combine shipment

An admin panel widens the store owner’s toolkit, allowing them to:
– See analytics
– Change bot’s messages
– Turn the SMS chatbot on/off
– Do broadcasts
– Create tickets
– Live chat with customers
…and much more

The store owner can manage notifications and make payments using the bot.
Additional functionality is feedback gathering. HiSumo will interact with the buyers during the whole process and after purchase, to ensure customer satisfaction. Based on how the conversation goes, HiSumo will be able to tell if a customer is happy with the product. Thanks to our NLP algorithms we are gathering KPIs of the conversation and as a result, we can calculate the satisfaction rate of the client. If it’s high enough, HiSumo will politely ask for a product review. That way, buyers will be more likely to leave a positive review as compared to conventional review reminder emails. NLP machine determines the quality of feedback, then accordingly it will leave a review under the product.

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    HiSumo Shopify chatbot

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    HiSumo saves time and money while putting you back in the driver's seat of your business.