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An automated and efficient Real Estate Virtual Assistant was created to help people find their dream house. ReVA connects users seeking on buying a home with agents that are selling these houses. In short, ReVA simplifies the interaction between buyers, realtors, and brokers.


One Canadian Real Estate company, in particular, saw a problem in how things were conducted in Real Estate. The problem had lain where agents would need to set aside an excessive amount of time solely on answering questions of potential buyers that were browsing for homes and not yet ready to buy. On the other hand, buyers didn’t have an alternative source where they could find the expertise when searching for a house. While seeking a solution for the Real Estate industry’s growing issue, a Real Estate company contacted BotsCrew, the global leader in chatbot development.


The Canadian Real Estate company banked upon BotsCrew to create a tool to make the home buying process much more convenient for both agents and buyers. Due to the combination of client’s expertise and BotsCrew’s technological work, a game-changing solution for the Real Estate industry has been brought into motion.


Dialog Flow, NLP, Java, MySQL, Spring

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    An automated Real Estate Virtual Assistant that takes care of users, educating and guiding them through the complicated buying process.