We believe your business’s digital presence isn’t just an afterthought – it’s a growth engine. Our London and Surrey teams of strategists, web and mobile app developers are committed to crafting solutions that don’t just meet your needs but propel your business into a new era of digital excellence

At Ronins, our top priority is delivering solutions that solve real-world problems for our clients. Our web apps are designed for humans, by humans – ensuring an exceptional user experience for you and your team. We utilise the latest technologies and best practices to develop secure, scalable apps that can grow and adapt with your business.


Are you a startup or enterprise looking to build a high-impact web application?

Our web and app development agency thrives on creativity, insight, and dedication because we want to help your business reach its goals. Our inventive and intuitive approach allow us to transcend traditional constraints to craft truly engaging experiences for your users.

No matter if your business is in Guildford, elsewhere in Surrey, or London, we will collaborate closely with you to deeply understand your vision and users. Leveraging the latest technologies and design principles, we develop an intuitive, user-friendly web apps tailored for your needs.

Our passion is creating digital products that solve real-world problems for your customers. We combine technical expertise with a human-centered perspective to build web apps people love to use.

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Why choose our custom web development agency?


Making cybersecurity assessments simple

CYSIAM are leaders in cybersecurity with a mission to provide organisations with the freedom to operate and prosper without fear in the digital age. Our team were challenged to design and develop a digital platform that streamlined client report creation and reduced the overall burden on their consultants.
Cysiam custom software created via our web app development services in Surrey


Bringing insight and clarity to paid media activity

Ronins partnered with the team at Rocketer to design and develop an insights dashboard that automates activity reports for their paid media clients – making significant time savings while dramatically improving user experience.
custom web app software built for Rocketer


The digital property platform helping people achieve sustainable living objectives

Chainbreaker Technologies helps families to create positive spaces in homes and their communities. We teamed up with their property professionals so customers can be sure that whether you are buying, selling or designing your ideal home they will do everything they can to ensure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.
Ronins AI app developers in London designed efficient and powerful software for Chainbreaker Technologies

We find the potential for exceptional in every challenge


Our team is dedicated to crafting custom web apploications that captivate and resonate. Clients chose us not just for our technical skills, but for our innate ability to redefine the limits of what’s possible.

Serving businesses across Guildford, Surrey, and beyond, we architect smart web platforms that not only captivate audiences but also streamline operations. Our approach is rooted in forging relationships built on a bedrock of trust, collaboration, and mutual respect.

Share your vision with us, and together, we’ll turn it into your reality. We’re not just ready to work with you; we’re excited to create something extraordinary!

Let’s build something together


Any web application development questions?

At Ronins we believe custom application development is the process of designing user experiences, building, and deploying websites and web applications that are tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of your business.

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, custom applications offer greater flexibility, scalability, and functionality. This means you get a product that aligns perfectly with your business goals, rather than trying to fit your operations into a pre-existing framework.

Our app company based in London and Guildford, Surrey, adheres to global best practices in custom web development, ensuring that your application is competitive on an international scale. This blend of local knowlesge and global standards means you get a product that is both relevant to your immediate market and appealing to a broader audience.

Our custom application development company is proficient in a range of cutting-edge technologies including React, Angular, Laravel, and Node. This diverse skill set allows us to tailor our approach based on your specific needs, rather than trying to fit your project into a limited technological framework.

We’re not just developers; we’re problem solvers committed to finding the best solution for your unique challenges. Our expertise extends beyond coding to include project management, UI/UX design, and SEO optimisation, making us a one-stop-shop for all your web app development needs.

At our company based in London and Surrey, we specialise in a range of cutting-edge technologies including React, Angular, Laravel, and Node. Each of these technologies offers unique advantages for different aspects of custom web application development. React is excellent for creating dynamic, high-performance user interfaces. Angular is your go-to for building scalable, enterprise-level applications. Laravel provides a robust and secure back-end framework, while Node excels in real-time data processing and scalability. Together, they form a comprehensive tech stack capable of tackling any challenge.

React is renowned for its virtual DOM and component-based architecture, which allows for faster, more responsive user interfaces. By updating only the components that change, React minimises the amount of data transferred over the network, resulting in a smoother user experience and higher user engagement.

This is especially beneficial for bespoke applications that require real-time updates and interactive features, making your custom web application not just functional but also delightful to use.

Angular is a robust framework ideal for building large-scale, complex custom web applications. It offers features like two-way data binding, dependency injection, and a modular architecture, which make it easier to maintain and scale your application. With Angular, you’re investing in a technology that not only meets your current needs but also anticipates future challenges. Its community support and extensive libraries ensure that your application remains up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.

Laravel is a PHP framework that excels in back-end development. It comes with built-in functionalities for routing, authentication, and caching, enabling rapid development without compromising on security or performance.

Laravel is particularly beneficial for businesses that require complex back-end logic, as it offers a range of tools and packages to simplify tasks like data migration, API authentication, and much more. It’s a comprehensive solution for businesses looking for a robust, secure, and versatile back-end.

Node is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, making it incredibly fast and efficient for network applications. It excels in real-time data processing and scalability, making it ideal for applications that require real-time updates, such as chat applications, online gaming, and collaborative tools. Node’s non-blocking, event-driven architecture allows it to handle a large number of simultaneous connections without compromising on speed or performance, making it a scalable solution for growing businesses.

At Ronins As custom web app developers in Guildford, Surrey, we pay close attention to your business needs, but place user experience at the heart of our designs to create websites and web applications that people enjoy using. At the start of the web application development process, it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of your users’ goals and habits, your company’s objectives, and to see the web as a whole that has been pieced together from individual elements.

Web Software created by our London and Surrey based company is continually tested during its whole development by our experienced testers, which accelerates the process and means we don’t need to resolve with unforeseen issues, like looking for an error discovered weeks ago. We can also carry out user testing, where we ask people to use the web app and keep track of their insightful feedback and preferences.

Web application development platforms are continually tested during their whole development by our experienced testers, which accelerates the process and means we don’t need to resolve with unforeseen issues, like looking for an error discovered weeks ago. We can also carry out user testing, where we ask people to use the web app and keep track of their insightful feedback and preferences.

Yes, our company offers comprehensive post-launch support services including bug fixes, updates, and feature additions. Our custom application development company is committed to your project doesn’t end at launch; we continue to offer support to ensure your application remains at the forefront of technological advancements. Whether it’s implementing new features, optimising for the latest SEO algorithms, or ensuring compatibility with new devices,

Yes, we can! Our London and Guildford, Surrey based custom application development company is skilled in developing scalable web apps that can handle high traffic loads without compromising performance. We employ cloud-based solutions and other scalability techniques to ensure your app can grow with your business.

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us to schedule a free consultation with our custom app experts. During this initial meeting, we’ll discuss your needs, objectives, and how we can turn your vision into a digital reality.

Once we have a clear understanding of your project scope, we’ll provide a detailed proposal outlining the technologies, timeline, and cost involved, giving you a complete picture before you make any commitments.

It was like watching an elite team guide a group of novices (my team) through difficult terrain. They moved as one, flexed and adjusted, constantly managed the user experience and made it fun and personal at the same time.


We partner with smart businesses that place digital transformation at the heart of their strategy

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